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What Should A Social Media Strategy Include?

What Should a Social Media Strategy Include?

Social Media Strategy

Every Business should have an effective and targeted Social Media Strategy summarizing everything you plan to do and achieve for your business using Social Networks.

Take an audit of where you are now and where you would like to be with your Social Media Strategy including the tools, resources and budget you will need to use to get there. Creating a Strategy will guide your actions and you will have measurements to track.

Follow these 7 steps when setting up your Social Media Marketing Plan:

1.  Identify your Business Goals and Objectives.

Know what it is that you want to achieve and determine  what metrics you will use to measure this.   Don’t focus on likes and retweets, look for instance at leads generated, increasing brand awareness and your conversion rate, but be realistic!

2.  Know your Audience and research your Competitors!

Who buys from you, where did they come from, how did they find you? What are you competitors doing and which Social Media Networks are they most prominent on? You need to do your homework in order to target and reach that ideal customer/client!

3.  Choose which Social Media Networks you will focus on.

Better to be well across 3, than do an inferior job on 7 Social Media Networks. LinkedIn is the bees knees for some Industries like Engineering and Industrial, whereas Instagram is for Food and Fashion.

4.  Allocate Budget, Resources and Tools.

Clearly define who is responsible for what roles and tasks. You may appreciate you are better to outsource managing your Social Media to an expert.

Allocate a budget to creating content and managing your Social Media as well as promotion such as Facebook Ads.

Decide on resources & tools to be used, such as which platform for your Newsletters – Mail chimp or Convertkit for instance.

5.  Create a Content Plan and a Calendar

Create and share content that is Informative, fun, educational and interesting. Only 30% of your posts should be promotional. Have a plan for types of content on what days and learn the best time to post through your insights. Update your Calendar so you know what you shared when and keep track of your best posts to share again.

6.  Engage with your audience!

Build a relationship with them, sound like the expert in your field of expertise. Know your brand voice and interact and respond to each comment. This takes time but your followers will appreciate this!

7.  Test, evaluate and adjust your plan!

Track and analyse your statistics and other metrics as you go along. You may need to tweak things. Revamp your Marketing Plan every January/February if you can for the year ahead.

This will all take some work to put together initially but for the greater good!  You will know how you are tracking and what you need to improve on and upgrade! Good luck, if you need assistance contact us.

Jennifer Brosnan

Jennifer Brosnan, started Leave it with me in 2012, a Social Media Specialist Service. The business helps small to medium businesses to grow their business online, build positive brand awareness, generate more leads and to ignite and build active audience engagement by sharing, supporting and connecting through social media.

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