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A LinkedIn profile is a must!  It establishes your credibility and connects you to others in your field/industry/profession.  In some respects it’s like your online resume, so people can check out your history, qualifications, achievements and connections.  It also gives you the opportunity to connect and contribute to established Groups in your Industry anywhere in the world.

Need some help on using LinkedIn to find contacts in your Industry?  Click on our blog here.

Your LinkedIn profile should inform others what problems you can solve, how you can help and why they should choose you.  You want to be seen as ‘the go to expert’ so don’t underestimate the power of a well written, articulated and stand out Profile.

Need help?  We forward you a template of our requirements and then we will create and set-up your LinkedIn Profile, so you stand out from the crowd!  Leave us to:

  • Create your Personal and/or Company Profile
  • Add your Profile Picture and create a Compelling Headline.
  • Customise your LinkedIn URL
  • Summarise and complete your Profile history, experience and education.
  • Add targeted connections and join relevant Industry Groups
  • Create a call-to-action

We also offer a Maintenance Plan where we can manage your account for a small monthly fee. We will monitor you connection requests and can share your updates, upload blogs, visuals or media on your behalf to your profile.

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