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Getting Your Social Media Right – The Do’s And Don’ts

Getting your Social Media Right – The Do’s and Don’ts

Getting your Social Media Right.

Social Media in an integral consideration in all businesses Marketing Plans nowadays, so it’s essential to get the basics right and continually work at it. It’s how we connect with our customers, generate new leads, gain insights into buying habits & reinforce our digital footprint. Having an effective & targeted Social Media Strategy & getting your Social Media right should include these Do’s and Don’ts….

  1. Fully Complete your ‘About’ Sections on ALL of your Social Media Platforms and take advantage of your Header and Cover Images.

  • Make it ever so easy for people to take the next step to connect with you with just one click.
  • Remember to use targeted keywords that people may be searching for when looking for a business like yours.
  • Reinforce your branding. On your cover image use text to highlight an upcoming event or campaign or even just sharing your Mission Statement.

 2.  Plan

  • Carefully plan your posts and images and align it to your brand.
  • Ensure your personality is injected so the posts don’t sound automated by a robot.
  1. Take the time to set up ‘Call to Action’ Buttons

  • For instance if you have a Mail chimp Newsletter, use the ‘sign up’ button on Facebook, allowing your followers to instantly sign up to your Newsletter so you can keep in touch with them outside of the major platforms.
  • Enable Direct Messaging from your Page (under Settings on Facebook).
  • Fill in contact details such as your website link on Instagram. Don’t make people work to contact you!
  1. Pay attention to timing

  • Look at your Insights and Analytics on Facebook to see when your target market is on-line and the best day of the week and hour to post.
  • Never post exactly on the hour as you are competing with many many others who have used scheduling tools. Post 2 minutes before or after the hour and half hour.
  • Dependent upon where your target market is based, Instagram works well late afternoon and evenings (if you are only targeting in Australia).
  • There are specific timeframes that will work better, research this as it will mean better reach and engagement for your posts.
  1. Go Live!

  • As daunting as it is, going Live will give you a much greater reach and interaction from your fans and build trust. If you have a course coming up go live with Q & A session, a service launch, a demonstration on how a new product works…..but be sure to test this out beforehand!
  1. Track your Analytics and Metrics that matter.

  • Have a realistic goal in mind and work towards that. Keep track of your likes/comments and shares. Over time you will get an idea of what works best. I have found posts that are real, humble and genuine get the best reach, sometimes simple is best. People are over saturated with the same type of content.
  • A simple post that shares something personal like an employee achievement can do really well.
  1. Post consistently.

  • Social Media Marketing is a commitment that takes time to build trust and relationships and for people to recognize your brand and voice.
  • It’s important to also share content from other leaders in your Industry, Customers or Resources and tag them so they know. It’s not all about you!
  1. Match the right content to the right network.

  • What works well on Facebook will not necessarily work well on LinkedIn. Think about who will be reading your updates and if it is of interest to them. LinkedIn is about reaching Industry leaders and business professionals. Twitter is short, informative and catchy whereas Facebook you can be more creative and fun.
  1. Give credit where credit is due!

  • Take the time to reference or tag the person or business whose tweet you re-tweeted or mention where you got the content from. People will appreciate this and you create respect and harmony. If you include a quote reference who said this originally, same with any photos you use.
  1. Be Patient, reliable and consistent.

  • Just because you put a lot of effort into a post (or this blog!) doesn’t mean everyone else knows that or cares! Don’t expect to see results straight away; it takes time to build your reputation.
  • Don’t focus on the numbers. You can have 1,000 followers and only 80 see your post and less than 5 like, share or comment. Alternatively you can have 250 followers with consistently great reach because of the engagement on the page.


  1. Over post!

    For obvious reasons this will annoy people and they are more likely to click on ‘unfollow’.

12.Post irrelevant content.

  • For the sake of a post a day it is better to post nothing than something that is not inline with your brand.
  1. Use Every Social Network.

  • You don’t have to be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snap chat, LinkedIn, etc. etc. If it doesn’t fit your business then why be on there for the sake of it?
  • Stick to 3 or 4 platforms that your target demographic use and work hard building your presence there.
  1. Discuss Hot Issues.

  • If it’ s not your core business or relevant then leave it be. You may be concerned with the latest crime figures but by sharing a post about this on your page can be opening up a can of worms you wish you hadn’t!
  1. Ignore comments and questions.

  • Expect to receive curly questions and comments. Social Media is a 2 way street and you should engage with your followers in meaningful ways.
  • Leaving questions and comments unanswered raises the question; have you actually read or even worse care about what your potential customers think? Always reply, remember it builds relationships, respect and people feel they matter.
  1. Delete negative comments.

  • In a short space of time, negative comments can be seen by many people.   Even if you delete them, people can take a screen shot. Every business should expect negative comments; it’s how you respond that matters. Acknowledging the comment makes people’s concerns feel ‘validated’. Just by commenting ‘Thanks for bringing this to our attention so we can address this can prevent a bigger issue developing. Addressing negative comments shows that your company is proactive in resolving issues and that you care about your customers and their concerns.
  • Remember even if you delete the comments, the friends of the person who made the comment can still see the comment.
  1. Coming across as ‘spammy’.

  • No one likes spam – be it via email or Social Media. Remember the 70/30 Rule. 70% of your posts should be educational, fun, interesting and informative and 30% about your business – including promotional.
  1. Let just anyone represent your brand.

  • Be selective who and which departments in your Company can post and comment on your Social Media.   Everyone needs to be trained in responses and what’s appropriate.
  • Ensure all comments come from your Business Page and not from employee personal profiles, ensuring you post with ‘one voice’.
  • It can become obvious when different people are representing the one brand. One person may use hash tags, slang language and another direct or conservative language and no hash tags. Make sure everyone is on the same page!
  1. Going overboard with Automation

  • Automation has it’s place and can definitely be a time saver, but don’t overuse this as it can really water down your brand messaging and make it seem not in real time or from a real person.
  1. Using Stock photos.

  • People know the fake photos and apart from a few stock photos be sure to use real and genuine photos representing your company, it’s people and it’s brand. This is particularly true on your website, include a few genuine and relative photos so people can see what goes on behind the scenes.

Stay aware of current best practices and incorporate them into your Social Media Strategy to keep your marketing efforts fresh and up to date. Don’t be afraid to mix things up, try new ideas and test the market. Social Media is constantly evolving and sometimes the simple post that you didn’t think would get much reach goes beyond your wildest expectations into the thousands with shares, likes and comments. Just when you think you have it figured what has worked it changes!

If all else fails and it all seems too hard and time consuming, contact us at Leave it with me and we can help you with a strategy or management of your Social Media!

Jennifer Brosnan

Jennifer Brosnan, started Leave it with me in 2012, a Social Media Specialist Service. The business helps small to medium businesses to grow their business online, build positive brand awareness, generate more leads and to ignite and build active audience engagement by sharing, supporting and connecting through social media.

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