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Why does your business need a Facebook Business Page?

With 2.307 Billion Social Media Users in the world and 1.65 Billion of those being Facebook Users, why do so many businesses ‘put off’ having a Facebook Business Page? If that’s not reason enough, then here are 15 other reasons why your Business needs to have a Facebook Business Page:

Share, Support and Connect with your Facebook Business Page

Share, connect & support on Social Media

1) Build your brand and presence.

By having a Facebook Business Page you are exposing potential fans and therefore customers to your services or products, and therefore your business.

2) Develop a relationship & trust with your target market.

Building a relationship equals trust equals sales and also word of mouth referrals through Social Media.

3) Gather leads.

Thanks to Facebook Insights & Analytics; marketers are able to access valuable data about their customers online. Where they are from, their ages, when they are online as well as their other interests.

4) Drive traffic to your business.

You can drive traffic to your website from your Facebook Business Page, as well as set up a newsletter with a sign-up form on your Facebook page capturing your customers contact details.

5) Lower your marketing costs.

Having a Facebook Business Page only requires effort to maintain and update, unlike traditional costly advertising methods such as newspaper ads, TV and Radio spots .

6) Another way to be found through SEO.

Google searches and catalogues Social Media sites and Facebook ranks high on the list. If you have an active and engaging Facebook Business Page, then this will bump up your brand’s search rankings.

7) Your Competitors are.

They are! Check them out. And keep tabs on them!

8) Target ads to potential customers.

The Facebook Advertising Platform allows you to target your key demographics and is focused on who will see your content & ads.

9) Ask for audience feedback on a new product or service.

Embrace this opportunity to interact with your customers and provide up to date information as well as listening to what your customers are saying about your products and services.

10) Share testimonials & reviews.

An opportunity to share your unique story and brand history with loyal customer testimonials & reviews.

11) People feel they are getting the real ‘fluid’ business.

Customers won’t just go to your website as they know that will have lovely stock photos and be all in order. What is happening behind the scene? Customers feel they are able to verify a business or brand and make an informed purchasing decision by viewing your Facebook Business Page.

12) Look like an industry expert, comment as your page.

If you comment & engage on other Industry pages you will stand out as an Industry leader and expert in your field.

13) Run competitions/offers/specials.

You can share promotions, events and have special offers by rewarding loyal Facebook Fans.

14) Customer check in so they promote you!

Great promotion of your business to your customer’s family and friends. Encourage this at your business premise with signs ‘Like us on Facebook’ or ‘Check in on Facebook’

15) Facebook Analytics.

With 1.1 Billion people logging into Facebook daily, spending an average of 20 minutes and 62% only accessing from their mobile that’s a massive reach that no amount of paid advertising worldwide could offer otherwise.

So next time you make excuses on why you are putting off setting up a Facebook Business Page, think about how many potential customers you are missing out on and growing your business to the next level!

If you wish to outsource setting up and managing your Facebook Page contact us here.

Jennifer Brosnan

Jennifer Brosnan, started Leave it with me in 2012, a Social Media Specialist Service. The business helps small to medium businesses to grow their business online, build positive brand awareness, generate more leads and to ignite and build active audience engagement by sharing, supporting and connecting through social media.

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