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How do you get more engagement on your Social Networks?

Just how can you reach your target market more effectively and productively than your competitors? Whilst quality of your content is a no brainer, how can you get better engagement  to stand out on your Social Networks?

  1. Educate your fans to click first.
  2. Use more narrative videos or Facebook Live.
  3. Run targeted Facebook Ads.
  4. With link posts, drive traffic to your website.
  5. Share every post with a key objective.
  6. Include games, competitions and giveaways.
  7. Show your personality.
  8. Repurpose your content.
  9. Ask you audience what they want.
  10. Arrange a partnership with another complimentary page in your market and agree to cross-promote posts.
  11. Socialise your pages in other networks including targeted private Facebook Groups. Invite your email subscribers to like the page.
  12. Trend & discuss hot topics.
  13. Provide real images.
  14. Be humble and genuine.
  15. Have a corporate streamlined approach.
  16. Have a strategy and system.
  17. Be active with timely responses.
  18. Create interesting, educational and entertaining content.
  19. Use Insights and stats to improve and update on all aspects of your social media.
  20. Like, share & comment on other pages posts to build relationships & sound like an expert in your field.

Being active on Social Media is an essential part of your marketing plans. Any engagement on your posts will come

Getting Better Engagement on Social Media

down to quality and not quantity. Even just using a few of these tips will encourage a deeper connection with your audience and improve your social media engagement.   Remember to mix up your content to ensure your fans click on your links, comment, like, share and engage with your page often. It will initially be a learning curve, but over time you will be able to work out what works on your pages at the best time of the day. Then just when you think you have it sorted, something will change, because Social Media is always keeping us on our toes!

Jennifer Brosnan

Jennifer Brosnan, started Leave it with me in 2012, a Social Media Specialist Service. The business helps small to medium businesses to grow their business online, build positive brand awareness, generate more leads and to ignite and build active audience engagement by sharing, supporting and connecting through social media.

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