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11 foxy ladies are heading to the States

cwfoxy-3_2cb4ba61319a88be8ce6d27954a10bc811 Foxy ladies are heading to the States!  Have you ever dreamed about going somewhere or doing something for so long, you’ve planned and saved for it for years and years and finally the time has come!  This is the case with the trip I am about to embark on.  The seed for the trip was planted years ago.  It started as a trip to celebrate my 50th.  Originally there were 4 foxy ladies who set up a savings account.  Each month we put $100 away and over the years that grew.  The 4 foxy ladies grew to 11.  School mums, kinder mums, ‘old’ girlfriends, neighbors and kiwi friends I lived in the UK with 20ish years ago!

Those of us with children have never been away from our children before and for those of us that have travelled before, I believe the fire will re-ignite and our repressed inner travel goddess will return.  Once you travel, the passion and desire to see, hear and smell and experience new endeavors and adventures never leaves, it just stays suppressed as long as it needs to be.

Travelling with a group of women will clearly be a lot different than travelling with your partner and/or children.  You only have to consider your girlfriends, not plan your day around their snacks, sleeps or what they want to do, like you would for your children!  Shopping, cocktails and dancing will be priorities!

The trip is full of many firsts.  I am very excited to be meeting Kas my American friend from Connecticut for the first time.  We met online in a forum 13 or 14 years ago, and just clicked and supported each other thru difficult times, as we were both in the same headspace facing similar difficulties at the time.  We have both gone on to have families but remained friends and stayed connected.  We meet in Vancouver Airport and spend a few days together. Kas says she will run towards me in a flowy dress in slow motion like the movies!  I’m sure there will be happy tears!

In Seattle I get to see my brother in law again after years and another foxy lady and I are just fitting in a Seattle marathon before boarding our ship the Norwegian Pearl for a week of travelling Alaska.  Apart from cruising we will be taking a helicopter trip to land on a glacier, a seaplane over the fjords of Ketchikan and a train trip into the Yukon.  The stuff once we only could dream of.

Vegas is the town where all 11 foxy ladies will meet for shows, helicopter trips to the grand canyon, glitzy dinners, nightclubs and for what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

The foxy ladies split after Vegas and 4 foxy ladies head to Santa Monica to hire a house to shop, drink, relax and party.  Then the foxy 4 head to Anaheim to spend a few days in Disneyland, play tourist and hopefully get those tickets to the Ellen show we put in for.

After so many years in the making the time has come for the 11 foxy ladies to hit the States.  You can follow the 11 foxy ladies US tour from September 18th to October 14th on the blog here at

Bon Voyage!

norwegian pearl pic


Jennifer Brosnan

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